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The Arts Foundation Of Olde Towne is a neighborhood based, Arts & Humanities incubator that serves to host and produce projects that are about, or initiated by residents from the Near East Area of the City Of Columbus, Ohio.

Christine Kitrell

Christine Kitrell
Birth: August 11, 1929 - Death: 2001
Description: Christine Kittrell was born on August 11, 1929, to a musical family. As a youngster, she sang in church and decided that singing would be her life's work. When I met her she was singing at Tony Morone's Cadillac Club on North 20th Street. She had stage presence, personality and an unforgettable voice. Mr. Dave Moore, who knew her from her numerous West Coast appearances with "Fats" Domino, Earl Bostic, Paul Williams, John Coltrane and others, booked her on a Southeast Asian tour where she sang for the troops in Vietnam. This was her second trip to that area of the world. She first toured Japan performing with Louis Armstrong and Paul Williams. She stayed in Vietnam 8 1/2 months, and might still be there had she not been wounded by enemy shrapnel.

In 1986 a fan of Kitrells' Bruce Bastian, thought that she should record an album. He helped her find words and material, and issued an album of her work. Jazz aficionados can hear the fabulous Christine Kitrell on the album, Krazy Kat.

The blood of the patrons who heard her probably changed from red to orange! She was THAT hot! And, don't let her sing a ballad back to back with those blues, you'd swear you had the flu, because now you had the shivers!

article by: Anna Bishop

Pictured L-R: Christine Kitrell
From the collection of: The Columbus Call & Post

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