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The Arts Foundation Of Olde Towne is a neighborhood based, Arts & Humanities incubator that serves to host and produce projects that are about, or initiated by residents from the Near East Area of the City Of Columbus, Ohio.

Dennis Cherry

Dennis Cherry
Instrument: saxophone
Description: Mugging for the camera

Influenced by recordings of Charlie Parker and Lester Young, Dennis Cherry learned to play the clarinet and the saxophone. Cherry played with local and regional groups from 1945 until the 1960s, traveled internationally and is pictured here in 1955 in Germany during a radio broadcast while on tour with the U.S. Army. Cherry changed careers at the end of the 1960s and became a photographer.

Cherry not only played music, he wrote poetry describing his experiences. This poem details Cherry's feeling about the loneliness and insecurities of life on the road.

Sometimes good, sometimes bad,

sometimes happy, sometimes sad.

All must go, all must die;

Free of body, the soul can fly.

Live your life and live it well

We must go to Heaven,

We 've been through hell.


From the collection of: Dennis Cherry

For a glossy print of this image refer to ID# ARC15-02

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