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The Arts Foundation Of Olde Towne is a neighborhood based, Arts & Humanities incubator that serves to host and produce projects that are about, or initiated by residents from the Near East Area of the City Of Columbus, Ohio.

James Uncle Dave Davis

James Uncle Dave Davis
Description: "Uncle Dave" at the keyboard

Davis came to Columbus in 1942 from Mobile, Alabama. He attended Champion Junior High and East High Schools. Davis who began playing the piano at the age of three, started his professional career as a comedian, returning to the organ later. Davis remembers working a job near the 502 Club and during slow times he would sneak out and go over to the club to practice on the organ there.

"Uncle Dave was one of the first organ players that I played with in the 50s. He's one BAD dude, Uncle would be smokin'"

quote by: Billy Brown

From the collection of: James Davis

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