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The Arts Foundation Of Olde Towne is a neighborhood based, Arts & Humanities incubator that serves to host and produce projects that are about, or initiated by residents from the Near East Area of the City Of Columbus, Ohio.

The Eddie Nix Sextet

Edward Eddie Nix
Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio
Instrument: drums
Group: The Eddie Nix Sextet
Description: Drummer Eddie Nix led his band for many years. In this photo of the group, the tenor sax man is Louie Transue. It is said that in the passion of the honking and shouting era, when horn men would "walk the bar," Transue played his horn down the stairs, out onto the street, boarded a bus, rode down Mt. Vernon Avenue for three blocks then got off and marched a crowd of folks back to the bar. All the while the band kept up the backbeat. included in the photo are Vann Walls, Louie Transue, Reggie Morgan, Eddie Nix, Vernon Hawkins and George Lefebvre.
Pictured L-R: Vann Walls, Louie Transue, Reggie Morgan, Eddie Nix, George Lefebvre, Vernon Hawkins
From the collection of: Eddie Nix

For a glossy print of this image refer to ID# ARC08-11

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